Board Meetings

The Stuart R. Paddock PTA Board meets in the school Resource Center. The Board is comprised of elected officers as well as one chairperson from each PTA committee.

Meeting content varies, but generally includes:

  • Review of Treasurer’s Report and Minutes from the previous board meeting
  • An update from the principal
  • Highlights from recent Board of Education meetings
  • Updates from National and State PTA, including advocacy (See Northwest Suburban Council PTA)
  • Discussion of upcoming or recently held PTA/school events

All PTA general members are invited to attend these meetings to see firsthand how the Board conducts PTA business. Refer to calendar for specific meeting dates and times.

General Membership Meetings

The PTA hosts General Membership meetings three times each school year and all PTA members are encouraged to attend. Meetings last approximately 15 minutes and are usually held in the evenings, during another school event. PTA Board members will provide an update about recent PTA activities and answer questions members have concerning PTA business. PTA members are then called upon to vote and approve specific PTA matters including:

  • Treasurer’s Report and minutes from the previous General Membership meeting
  • Annual PTA budget (August)
  • Nominating Committee that select the proposed slate of PTA Officers for the following school year (November)
  • Election of new PTA Officers, following a recommendation from the Nominating Committee (May)
  • Approval of PTA programs and activities for next school year (May)

Meeting Schedule for 2022-2023 (click for minutes)

  • August 31st at 7pm (General Membership)
  • October 5th at 7pm
  • November 2nd at 7pm
  • December 7th at 7pm (Gen. Membership)
  • February 1st at 7pm
  • March 1st at 7pm
  • April 5th at 7pm (Gen. Membership)
  • May 10th at 7pm