How Can I Get Involved?

We value new involvement and fresh ideas! Please join us at our monthly meetings for more information on these and other PTA activities.

To get started, please fill out this interest form; en Espanol.

Please print this form and check any and all activities in which you may want to be involved, whether you have an hour, a day or more time to give. There is no obligation at this time. However, signing up now ensures that you will be contacted by the committee chair closer to the event date to sign up for a specific job. For many events, you will receive an email from the committee chair with a link to VolunteerSpot. Simply follow the link and instructions to pick a job and time slot that work for you. It’s that easy!


Helpful info for Committee Chairs and Volunteers:

Committee Chairs:

You will receive a list of volunteers who are intersted in helping at your event by the end of September. Please contact each person who has offered to help closer to your event date. Consider using VolunteerSpot to contact and organize your volunteers.


This is a great site that makes it easier for parents to volunteer for a job and time slot that work for them. It also makes it easier for committee chairs to organize volunteers.

Committee Chairs need to creat a free account in order to set up an event on VolunteerSpot.

Determine your volunteer needs and your time schedule. Create an event on VolunteerSpot with your volunteer needs.

You can now send your event to your volunteers, post it on our Paddock PTA Facebook page (make sure to like us on Facebook) or send the link out on Virtual Backpack by sending an email to Christine Grela.